Friday, June 22, 2012

No NYCC for Joe Joe

So... I will not be in artist alley at NYCC this year. My $500 isn't good enough. My 17 years of making, publishing, writing, drawing, lettering, editing and creating comics must be too unimpressive for the moguls at the NYCC board.

What, me bitter? Maybe... maybe a bit.

I say, oh well. I will live. I don't want to go somewhere that I am not wanted. Even when I not only needed to be "Chosen" but I needed to pay $500 AFTER BEING CHOSEN!

Oh, but what is really great, if I REALLY want to go to NYCC, I can pay more for a vendor or small press booth. So, there IS space, but someone of my limited experience and exposure has to pay much more to get it.

I think my new goal will be to become and amazing success. And then, one day I will be invited to be a guest at NYCC. And then I will and can finally say...

No, thank you.

My girlfriend does say I have a tendency to hold a grudge...

Have a great day and don't let the man get you down.


The RESURGENCE will not be televised. You don't have to look underground to be underground.

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